Big Anywhere Shower-Box of 12 1'x2' Wipes

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  • Each wipe is 1*2 feet (30*60cm)
  • The Anywhere Showers come in a box of 12 individually packaged wipes
  • Buy a second box of Anywhere Shower wipes and receive free shipping
  • 100% Biodegradable. They will break down in 60days
  • Easily tearable if you need to share
  • Individual wipes can easily fit in your pack, the glove box of your car or your office drawer for that rainy day
  • Free from harmful chemicals so they won’t sting on scratches or open wounds
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Running 
  • Biking
  • After the gym

When there isn't a shower - the anywhere shower has you covered



Whether you're on a multi-day camping trip, you're sweaty after a hot run or if your fitness facility no longer has operational showers due to COVID-19, The Anywhere Shower will leave you clean and feeling refreshed.


The Anywhere Shower can simply go anywhere. Each wipe is individually packaged so they can easily fit in your pocket, your backpack, your gym bag, your running vest or even your glove compartment. You'll never have to worry about being smelly or sweaty no matter where you are.



When we first founded Outdoor Wipes, we considered a number of fabric options for our wipes. As avid outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, it was important that we chose a fabric that was renewable and completely biodegradable. That's why we chose the fastest growing plant in the world - Bamboo. We have also formulated The Anywhere Shower to be completely biodegradable so you can compost them anywhere.


Measuring slightly smaller than your hand, The Anywhere Shower is extremely portable. You can easily fit a package in any (or every) pocket. And they're so light that you can pack them for any length of journey. They're also easily tearable so if you so choose, you can share a wipe with anyone along for your adventure. .


What our customers think

400 km on the Yukon River and Still Feeling Fresh

Canoeing for several days on a silt laden river leaves you feeling gritty all day long, but with Anywhere Shower I felt clean and ready for another day of paddling. Added bonus was it also seemed to deter the mosquitos. Highly recommend for canoeing or hiking and can't wait to try out this winter while winter camping.

A Camping Must Have!!!

I love these wipes! They remove the camping grime, sweat and bug spray so well, and allow me to get into my camp bed all clean and refreshed! Thank you! :

Huge is an understatement

I new they would big but I didn't really appreciate how huge the wipes actually are! I grabbed these for a camping trip and they lived up to the hype. Very effective for cleaning yourself after a few days without a shower. I liked them so much I now keep a couple in the truck and my gym bag (for when I don't have time for a shower before heading back to work).

Great product for outdoor people

Love these wipes. Use them after bike rides they are the perfect size to clean up after a muddy bike ride. Love that they are small and light, would be great for camping and backpacking. Really nice smell makes you feel like you just got out of the the spa

Simply Amazing

Absolutely loving these wipes! First off, they’re big enough that just one wipe is enough to clean your whole body. They have just a light scent and after using them I wasn’t left feeling sticky. I put one in my car, gym bag and the rest are at the office for when I bike to work. I’m going to get the next size up (Huge) next as it’s the size of a towel!

No exaggeration!

I’ve used these wipes twice now and I love them! I was trying to think of what I disliked about them so as to leave an honest “1-5 star rating”, but I couldn’t come up with anything...they simply do exactly what I was hoping and needing them to do, which is to clean me of dust, sweat and gross from head to toe after a long day of working security at hot, dusty music festivals and heading back to my tent in the wee hours of the morning long after the showers have shut down for the night.